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Stay independent as your business grows (or as you hit the open road) with our Texas mail forwarding. Get unlimited legal mail scans—plus 10 traditional mail scans each year—with our monthly registered agent service. Or, choose one of our cost-effective full service packages for a do-it-all mail and address solution.

Manage Your Mail - At Your Convenience

Yes, we’re Texas registered agents—but we provide first-rate Texas mail forwarding too!

Our $7.99 Texas Registered Agent Service includes unlimited digital forwarding of your legal mail, plus 10 ordinary mail scans every year.  If you expect your business mail volume to be larger—or you need an easy way to receive your weekly mail on the road—we’ve got you covered with 3 different pay-as-you-go, full-service options, including Virtual Office Service.

Our mail forwarding service is economical, private and secure. Each plan includes a Texas business address and a secure client account that allows you to check your mail anytime, anywhere, from any device. Whether you’re a business owner, road warrior or expat, Independent Texas’s mail solutions help you stay on the move.

3 Texas Mail Forwarding Plans To Choose From

All of our Texas Mail Forwarding plans make it easy to manage your business mail, or personal mail—from wherever you are.

Professional Mail

10 Documents Per Year
Individual Suite Number
Secure Online Document Storage
Instant Notification
Same-Day Scanning
Includes Free 60-Day Trial of Phone Service

$49 / Year

Our Professional Mail Forwarding plan is perfect for anyone needing an all-in-one business address and mail solution for a Texas LLC or Texas corporation. With a real Texas address (plus individual suite number), 10 same-day digital mail scans per year, instant notifications and a secure online account, this is also a great budget option for travelers who don’t want to miss any mail while they’re away. Our Professional plan also comes with a 60-day free trial of our top-notch Phone Service.

Executive Mail

25 Documents Per Year
Individual Suite Number
Secure Online Document Storage
Instant Notification
Same-Day Scanning
Includes Free 60-Day Trial of Phone Service

$99 / Year

For a more robust mail forwarding solution (and complete peace of mind), add our Executive Mail Forwarding package for just $99 a year. This is an excellent option for growing businesses that receive a fair amount of non-legal mail each year. You get a multipurpose business address (with individual suite number), 25 regular mail scans, and a no-risk, 60 day trial of our easy-to-use Phone Service.

Texas Virtual

Unlimited Documents
Individual Suite Number
Secure Online Document Storage
Instant Notification
Same-Day Scanning
Phone Number and Phone Service

$19 / Month

When your mail just keeps coming, we’ll just keep sending it to you when you have Texas Virtual Office. Not only will you get unlimited mail forwarding, but for $19 a month you’ll get all the perks of our Executive Mail Forwarding package, PLUS:

  • Month-to-month office lease
  • Access to a conference room you can use for meetings

What is Texas Mail Forwarding?

Texas mail forwarding services receives your mail at our address and digitally scans your documents into your secure online account. We can also physically forward that mail to you for additional fees. These services also provide you with a Texas street address you can use for your business—or as a permanent mailing address while you travel. A good Texas mail forwarding plan should include a real Texas address, prompt forwarding of your business and personal mail, instant notifications, a private account for online document storage, and secure shredding of any junk mail. Our service covers all these fundamentals and more.

Why Go Independent?

We know there are a lot of Texas mail forwarding companies out there. Here’s what sets Independent Texas Registered Agent apart.

  1. We Provide All In One Service

    As your Texas registered agent, we scan your legal mail to you the same day we receive it. We’re also your go-to filing resource and business support team (call with any question, and we’ll pick up the phone). Add one of our full-service mail forwarding packages, and you get the convenience of having one professional Texas address where all of your business mail—legal and otherwise—can be delivered, received, and forwarded to you.

  2. We're Efficient

    Our years of providing top-notch registered agent service have made us mail ninjas! We’ve perfected our mail delivery system for your time-sensitive legal documents, and we forward your non-legal mail to you with the same level of speed, care and efficiency.

  3. We're Secure

    We don’t have parent companies, and we don’t outsource. We don’t go through a distribution center that could potentially lose track of your mail—or worse—steal your private information. Because we know how sensitive your mail is, we control every aspect of the process ourselves, from how we train our staff members to receive your documents (at the building we own), to the way we regularly update our security solutions (with our in-house cyber-security team).

  4. We're Affordable

    Our Texas registered agent service is just $7.99 a month. For this price, you get same-day scans of all of your legal mail, plus 10 additional documents per year. If you need a more all-encompassing mail forwarding solution, our full service mail plans are well within reach at just $49 and $99 a year. Get a lot of mail? Then you'll want our unlimited mail forwarding service for just $19/month. There are no hidden fees or price hikes, and you can cancel anytime.

A Simple Mail Solution

From helping you stay on top of correspondence to protecting your privacy, we’re here to help you and your business thrive. Sign up for one of our affordable, convenient Texas Mail Forwarding plans today!

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