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Most of the registered agent services out there will add hundreds of dollars to your start-up costs and make you sign a 12-month contract. Not us.

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Independent Texas Registered Agent’s month-to-month, local registered agent service gives you all the best business essentials—without the obligation. Because we trust that you know what’s best for your business, we give you the freedom to take it one step at a time.


Total Compliance, for the price of a couple of breakfast tacos.

We bring together everything that’s required to form your company and keep it humming along smoothly—all for $7.99 a month. You get same-day scanning of your legal mail, a real Texas business address and a range of useful tools and features.

No Long-term Contract

Independent Texas Registered Agent is the only local provider that offers a risk-free monthly registered agent subscription rather than an annual contract. We think you’ll love having us by your side, but we leave the choice up to you.

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What is a Texas Registered Agent?

  • A Texas registered agent is an individual or entity appointed to accept service of process (lawsuit papers) and state mail on behalf of a Texas business.
  • Maintaining a Texas registered agent is a legal requirement that applies to corporations, LLCs, and all other formal business entities in our state.
  • Your Texas registered agent must have a Texas street address, and must be on-hand at this address during regular business hours to receive any official mail that arrives.

Appointing a Texas registered agent for your business is more than a legal formality. It’s entrusting someone with the task of receiving your company’s most crucial mail—and getting it to you quickly. You can count on our local team of Texas experts to do just that.


Starting and maintaining a Texas company has never been easier (or more affordable) with our Texas business services. Here are the perks you get when you go Independent.


Listing our Austin business address on your Certificate of Formation lets you keep your own address private (and off of mailing lists).


We scan your incoming business mail to your account the same day we receive it, notifying you the moment it’s ready to be viewed. You receive unlimited legal mail scans, plus 3 traditional mail items each year.


Your client account gives you a convenient, secure way to store and access your vital business documents. We use an in-house software team and regularly test our online security systems to ensure your information stays with you.


Our experienced filers are ready to guide you through every step of submitting your formation paperwork to the Secretary of State. And of course, we provide you with all the forms you'll need, pre-filled with our registered agent information.


Need help remembering to file your Texas Franchise Tax report? We send you regular reminders as the deadline approaches. If you’d like us to file the report for you, we can do that too.


We can provide you with a unique Texas phone number, and help you keep your personal number private. Our in-house Phone Service is easy to use, free for the first 90 days, and just $9 a month after that.

Why Go Independent?

You have a lot of options when it comes to selecting your Texas registered agent. Here are the benefits you’ll only get with Independent.

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Month-to-Month Pricing

Small businesses need flexibility—especially during that crucial first year. That’s why we came up with our $7.99 monthly pricing plan. For the price of a couple of breakfast tacos (or Jalapeño-and-Cheese Whataburgers) a month, you get everything you need to keep your Texas LLC or Texas Corporation happy and in compliance, all without having to sign a contract or pay hundreds of dollars up front.

Security & Stability

Our Austin address is a reputable commercial building (with a nice view of the Greenbelt). When you hire us as your Texas Registered Agent, we list this address for your business, and in place of personal addresses for every member and director of your company.

Using our Texas business address to form your company keeps everyone’s residences off the public record—but it also gives your business a stable, professional location on the books, year after year.

Real Choices

Every business is unique—so why settle for one-size-fits-all business services? With Independent Texas Registered Agent you can choose from 3 different levels of Texas mail forwarding, tell us how you’d like to be notified about new mail items, hire us to complete your business filings (or do it yourself), add monthly Phone Service if your business needs it, and cancel at any point throughout the year.

We believe that no matter your company’s stage or size, your registered agent service should fit like a glove—or a pair of well-worn boots.

Quick Start Guide To
Texas Registered Agents

If all this ‘registered agent’ stuff is new to you, you're not alone. Most people have never even heard of registered agents—which is why a lot of business owners are bewildered when they find out they have to appoint one for their company. Here we offer a crash course on registered agent requirements and services in the State of Texas.

Our Guide To Texas
Registered Agents

1. Does my Texas LLC need a registered agent?

Yes. According to the Texas Business Organizations Code (BOC) Sec. 5.201, all domestic or foreign (out-of-state) business entities registered to do business in the State of Texas must continuously maintain a Texas registered agent. This includes LLCs, corporations, limited partnerships, and professional associations. Failing to appoint and maintain a Texas registered agent could result in your business being administratively dissolved by the State of Texas.

2. Why are registered agents required?

In short, if someone wants to file a legal claim against a business, they need to know where to deliver the lawsuit papers. Designating a Texas registered agent (with a Texas street or building address) gives the general public a guaranteed way to legally notify your business. Having an official recipient of legal mail for your business also helps to ensure that you receive these important documents in a timely manner so that you can prepare a legal defense.

3. Who can be my Texas registered agent?

Your Texas registered agent can be:

  • An individual residing in the state of texas
  • A business that is authorized to do business here in the state

Your Texas registered agent cannot be:

  • Your own Texas business entity (The one that your registered agent will be representing)

5. Can I be my own Texas registered agent?

It is legal to serve as your own Texas registered agent, but we tend to advise against it.

Everything listed on your formation documents will be published in the Texas Secretary of State’s searchable database (SOSDirect) when you form your company. If you’re operating your business out of your home, anyone who looks up your business on this database will have access to your private address.

Publicizing your home address can result in a flood of unsolicited mail. And because the public record is permanent, it can be tough to regain your privacy.

Another factor to consider: as your own registered agent, you’ll need to keep regular business hours at your address, in case any official mail arrives. This requirement can be limiting—especially if you ever need to take a business trip, have lunch with a client or run an errand in the middle of the day.

With Independent Texas Registered Agent, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re free to roam: wherever you might be on any given day, our team will be standing by to receive your important business mail and get it to your account on the double. And with a price of just $7.99 monthly, it’s a privilege your business can afford.

6. What do Texas registered agent services provide?

Since all Texas business entities are legally required to appoint a registered agent, Texas registered agent services provide a way to stay in compliance with the law. In addition to this, a good Texas registered agent service should include:

  • Receipt and prompt forwarding of any official business mail
  • Instant notification when you have new mail items to view in your account
  • A secure online account where you can view, store and download your documents
  • Compliance tracking & help with annual filings (like the Texas Franchise Tax Report)
  • A stable Texas business address to use for all official purposes

Our local registered agent service includes all of the above, as well as a custom governing document for your business (operating agreement or corporate bylaws), free Texas mail forwarding (3 traditional mail items per year), and a highly-capable team you can call with any business questions. Even better, we also give you an immediate online business presence that includes a unique domain for your company, a website and email address at that domain, and a business phone number.

7. How can I change registered agents in Texas?

You can change your Texas registered agent by filing a “Statement of Change of Registered Agent or Office” (form 401) with the Texas Secretary of State. The fee is $15, or $5 for nonprofit corporations. You can also file online through SOS Direct by following these instructions (scroll down until you see the words highlighted in yellow).

All the business tools you need.
For $7.99 a month.

We pride ourselves on providing unmatched business support and all the tools you need to launch and grow your Texas company. Our pay-as-you-go, local registered agent service includes same-day mail scans, privacy protection, custom business documents and much more. Sign up today—no contract required.

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